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Ron, Johnny, Rick


rickpicture copySome leaders stand out. Rick Danielson has been giving back to Mandeville for years, from volunteer work while a student at Mandeville High to coaching at Pelican Park to the Kiwanis Club and Chamber of Commerce, service is something that has always mattered to him.

All leaders stand up. In the United States Air Force, Rick Danielson was a highly decorated officer who gave back to his country, proudly wearing our nation’s uniform for more than nine years.

The best leaders stand strong. In his time as Mandeville City Councilman-At-Large, Rick Danielson has stood firm for transparency and citizen engagement. He has stood for responsible budgeting and fiscal restraint. He has built alliances with other local community leaders to improve our infrastructure, drainage, safety and overall quality of life.

When we choose a mayor in 2016, we’re all looking for a leader – not a politician. We’re looking for someone who is passionate and dedicated to our city, not just to having a title or a job. And we’re looking for someone with the business, community and proven service record to truly lead. Rick has shown his strength, his values, his integrity and his qualifications to be our mayor.

In March 2016, we will make an important decision in choosing our Mayor. We need to choose carefully and wisely and embrace the proven leadership only Rick Danielson brings.